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Hi! Miss me? Well I got an update here. Got the copper J Pole ham radio antenna put together. Not too bad if I say so myself. My cousin came over with his soldering torches, and helped me put it all together. I got to play with big bright fire. Always fun. Nothing like seeing copper turn red-hot as you put the parts together. We used a slightly modified version of a plan posted on the net. You can find it here. The modification we did has to deal with putting clamps on so it would be easier to attach the coax connector to the antenna. Not sure how this will change the overall design, but with the added bonus of now being able to adjust it to the proper frequency I don’t think that matters too much.

The whole finished product.

The whole project only took us a few hours of work. It did not feel like it took that long. We cut a 10′ pipe segment to the right lengths, and soldered all the bits together. My cousin had a different kind of copper pipe solder than is typically used. This kind is a 50/50 silver mix He thought it would help with electrical conductivity between the copper pipe segments. While we waited for it to cool down we went and bought some clamps, bolts and screws to attach a so 239 connector and wire to the assembly. With a nice dinner delay we returned to work on the antenna.

close up of the So 239 connector and connecting clamp.

With each clamp we flattened one of them and drilled a new hole to match the rounded section. This clamp idea is from a youtube video showing some people make the same kind of antenna. The outer segment of the coax connector is connected to the antenna via the clamp to the short element, and the center pin is connected to the long element via the opposite clamp and a bit of wire. By bending a little bit of extra wire and soldering we have a connection.

All that is left is to get a meter to tune the antenna to the correct frequency, and an adapter cable to go from it to my little handset. Eventually this will be mounted on the roof of the house, possibly the old antenna pole for over the air TV can be utilized. It may take a little bit to figure that all out, but for now I can just prop the thing up, and connect my handset in. Well I will once the cables, and the test meter come in. Hopefully by the end of the week. It can get a little expensive with all the parts/equipment needed. It is fun though, and I hope to get a lot better reception with this thing once I am able to use it. I will post more info when I get those bits done.

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